Trip Report: Flinders chicken run

An early start at Flinders Pier
An early start at Flinders Pier

Now I am not the sort of guy to get excited about infrastructure projects – but Peninsula Link is a great piece of road. Not only does it make for a quick trip down to the Mornington Peninsula – but it makes the journey much safer as you don’t need to drive through Frankston.

I was on the water at 630 this morning at Flinders with a favourable weather forecast for easing winds. I was paddling solo again because Coop Dogg had to alphabetise his home movie collection and manicure his beard. Why is that most sea kayakers have beards? [Female paddlers excluded].

For anyone planning a paddle out of Flinders I recommend you call the Navy’s West Head Gunnery Range to check if they are  doing any exercises. Fortunately Thursday was the final shoot out for the year so I was good to go. I have been to the WHGR many years ago when they held a public open day and saw an impressive display of firepower as they shot the heck out of the ocean.

As I left the flat waters of Flinders things started to get exciting going around West Head. I had to take a wide line to avoid the many waves breaking on semi-submerged rock.

A lazy 13km circuit out of Flinders, VIC. Click to enlarge.
A lazy 13km circuit out of Flinders, VIC. Click to enlarge.

While I have paddled in bigger waves and stronger winds I found the open ocean and unfriendly shoreline a little intimidating. Although the swell was predominantly from the SW, the sea was very confused with waves coming at me from all directions which made progress quite slow. The waves were mostly  around 2m with the occasional 3m bad boy to keep me on my toes. After an hour or so I wasn’t feeling the love so decided to save Cape Schanck for another day and chicken out back to Flinders .

The coastline is quite spectacular
The coastline is quite spectacular

On the way back to West Head I spotted 3 paragliders enjoying themselves above the cliffs. The distraction took me a bit off course and I had to correct to avoid the breaking waves in front of me.

Taking a selfie was quite a challenge
Taking a selfie was quite a challenge

I soon found myself back on Pen Link and headed for home ahead of schedule.

For this trip I registered on the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard’s SafeTrx App for Android. If you haven’t got it – check it out:

2 thoughts on “Trip Report: Flinders chicken run”

  1. So where’s the bit about the chicken? Did u visit the Dirty Colonel on the way home?? 21 peice bucket? Sweeeet…

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