Trip Report: Short overnight shake down


G-Man and myself were keen to test out our gear on an overnight trip so we could make any adjustments before we embarked on our Bass Strait adventure. We drove down to Flinders in the afternoon, paddled a lazy 14km in warm and calm conditions and parked up on a great beach for the night.


In order to simulate a fully loaded boat with 10+ days of food I threw in way more water than I needed, 3kg of ice and a few stubbies of Big Head no carb beer. The trip went well and we landed through a small shore break without incident. I took the opportunity to try out a few different foods to see if they would make the trip.

The only entertaining event was watching G-Man struggle to set up the tiny tent he borrowed. Apart from the fact you couldn’t really fit an adult inside and there was no ventilation – neither of us could work out what to do with the 3rd pole. So we just left it for the night with 2 poles. The decision was made that G-Man would need a different tent for Bass Strait. It also confirmed why I like my single pitch Exped Auriga tent so much – quick and simple to set up and very versatile.

Cape Schanck

Cape Schanck


Damn you fog…..
We had very light winds a gentle swell on the return trip the next day. Although conditions were pretty calm for open water we spent 1 hour padding through thick fog. This was my first time paddling in fog and we both found it brought on seasickness. We couldn’t see the horizon or any land so we spent more time than usual looking at the compass and GPS to stay on course. It was a valuable experience but we were glad to get out of the fog and land back at Flinders.

4 thoughts on “Trip Report: Short overnight shake down”

  1. Paddled from Flinders to somewhere near Bushrangers Bay on Sunday morning too, so maybe passed you somewhere in the fog? Great experience, in a Zen kind of way…

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes I expect we passed each other in the fog. I need to be careful I don’t exaggerate too much in my trip reports as there could be someone else out there like you keeping me honest….

  2. G-mans borrowed tent is one of the easiest to put up. I even had myself and kid inside at Wilson’s Prom. I offered my best tent but he turned it down.

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