Trip Report by Frasero: The Amazing Adventure of the Howqua Hike

My family and I did a big long walk for three days. We walked in on Friday along the river. Then we stayed for two nights and camped in our little tent. I sawed lots of wood with my little saw. We went on lots of river adventures. We did lots of fishing but we didn’t catch anything. On the last day we didn’t walk along the river. It was a long walk and it was hot.

We camped near a hut.
Mum led me through a deep spot in the first river crossing.
This is me walking out to my sister and mum. There were 12 river crossings.
That is our camp site.
We tried to catch some fish but we didn’t get any.
That’s me stuck on an island in the river. I named it after me – Fraser Island!
Me, dad and my sister going on a river adventure in the little creek.
Me and my family getting ready to hike home.

4 thoughts on “Trip Report by Frasero: The Amazing Adventure of the Howqua Hike”

  1. Great post Frasero, sounds like a great trip. Very jealous. And I bet your pack was heavier than your dad’s….

  2. Fantastic Fraser! What a great little writer and adventurer you are. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

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