Travel: Worst hotel view ever

I spend many nights each year in a tent and I often wake up to amazing views. But I recently stayed in a hotel that had such a bad view I thought it was blog-worthy and would provide the opportunity to exercise my predilection to complain about trivial matters.

I have stayed in hotel rooms with scenic views of carparks, freeway entrance ramps, construction sites and adjacent buildings so close that you could nearly touch them. But my room at Wains Hotel in Dunedin had the worst view of them all.


We had a panoramic vista of a disused fire escape, a mouldy roof that doubled as an ashtray and steel-clad elevator shaft as the centrepiece.

There was also an assortment of antiquated HVAC equipment so I didn’t open the windows for fear of contracting legionnaires disease.


We were lucky to have 2 windows so we could get a different perspective on the elevator shaft. And if you got on your knees and pressed your face against the glass and cranked your neck at an unnatural angle you could get a glimpse of the sky several floors above.

In fairness, apart from the “Atrium view”  it was a reasonable hotel considering it was built in 1872.

Rant over….until next time I am faced with one of the world’s great challenges.

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