Gear Preview: Ultra Vision Nitro 140 Maxx LED driving lights

I have a big trip coming up and with 15,000km on the agenda I decided to make sure the old Prado was up for the challenge. After installing rear airbag suspension and replacing the clutch, gearbox, exhaust, batteries and UHF radio my wallet was feeling a lot lighter – but I am now quietly confident that my trusty 2005 Toyota will continue to serve me well for a few more years at least.

My old halogen driving lights have performed well for more than a decade but lighting technology and LED’s in particular have come a long way in that time. So I was excited when the good people from Ultra Vision Lighting offered to provide me with a set of their newly released Nitro 140 Maxx LED driving lights to test out on my trip.

It was just like Christmas except without the turkey.

I received a pair of the Widr Beam version lights with clear covers, a complete wiring harness and they even threw in a nice little torch and a box of biscuits. What sort of people send you biscuits?

The wiring harness comes complete with the connectors, relay, fuse and switch – everything you need to install the lights plus they provide security locking nuts to prevent theft of the lights. Note the fins for heat dissipation on the rear of the housing.

Initial impressions:

The first thing that struck me about these lights is the weight. Not that they are unreasonably heavy – but they are solidly built and the attention to detail in terms of the workmanship and materials is excellent. In fact the housing and mounting brackets look like something you would find in a military or industrial application – which is not surprising as the guys from Ultra Vision also manufacture a range of lights for the mining industry. So these things look tough and they are made here in Australia – but what really matters is how well they perform at night.

My review and lighting comparison can now be found here

And stay tuned over the next couple of months for more details of my experience with the Nitro 140’s on my upcoming trip including commentary on their durability and performance.

You can see all the specs at

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