Trip Report by Amyo: The start of our big caravan adventure

Greetings, it’s me Amyo. For those of you that haven’t read one of my earlier posts, well you should know that I try to write my blog with PASSION!!! When my parents first told me about this trip I thought it was a really bad idea.  I tried to squiggle my way out of it without success. It was really hard to say goodbye to my pets and friends knowing that it would be a really long time before I saw them again. At first it was really hard and I was always thinking about them but I soon got over it. And yes, there has been some times where I wish I was home. Also, I would kind of like my personal space again but it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. These are just some of the highlights and interesting things so far.

Sometimes you just got to make do. COOBER PEDY, SA

Because we don’t have much room in our van we have to improvise. Maybe we might have to turn our van into a washing line!

What do you think this is???? COOBER PEDY, SA

Coober Pedy is known for its opals, right? Well you have no idea how serious it is until you go there. There are piles of rubble everywhere. Also, if you walk down the main street half the shops are devoted to opals/jewellery. We were lucky enough to be able to go into Toms Working Opal Mine. We got to walk through the mines and look for opal. We got given a UV light and that enables you to see the opal in the walls and it was everywhere.

Now I know why they called this the Valley of the Winds walk. KATA TJUTA/ THE OLGAS, NT

Kata Tjuta was a beautiful place. It was very hot but when you got in the shade and the wind was blowing it cooled down quickly.

This is Ray, the dragon. ULURU/AYERS ROCK, NT

We found this little fellow at our campsite at Uluru. He was really friendly so I called him Ray because he reminds me of a little ray of sunshine. We took a picture of him (obviously) so when we got to Darwin we asked some people whether they knew what he was and everyone said some sort of dragon.

Is this pink tree the only normal thing around here??? DALY WATERS PUB, NT

For those of you that haven’t been to the Daly Waters Pub, it’s something quite, how can I put this? Interesting. There are underpants hanging on the walls and peoples ID scattered around. Let’s just say that, from the outside it looks completely normal and then you step inside and it’s a whole different story. But on the plus side, their food is good.

I’ve heard people say that there are crocs in here so can we make this snappy!? Ooo, that was not a good choice of words! BITTER SPRINGS, NT

Bitter Springs was really nice. It was a warm river thing that you floated down and then when you got to the end you hopped out, walked back up and hopped back in. Even though there were lots of signs that said crocs inhabit this area we didn’t see any.

Either the aboriginals had a crazy imagination or there are some creatures we don’t know about. UBIRR, KAKADU, NT

The aboriginals made up all sorts of stories to either explain why something happens/ happened or to tell people what is the correct behaviour. Often the aboriginals painted these stories on the rock so that people could remember it. The aboriginals never drew these paintings expecting that it would still be there thousands of years later.

Just what we need to make an awesome photo. Swampland + Sunset = Awesome photo! Like I said. UBIRR, KAKADU, NT
Yep, that’s a fake smile. They say that these Stimsons Pythons don’t bite, I’m not so sure. DARWIN, NT

Holding a snake feels weird. You can feel all their bones and muscles moving around.

Oh, and you didn’t think that we would be able to make it through the trip without getting a flat tyre, did you? LITCHFIELD, NT

We got our first flat tyre the day we left Darwin. If only we discovered it earlier.

Good night all you termites out there. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. LITCHFIELD, NT

Termite mounds are really very clever. They keep out the wind, rain and they’re fire proof. Pretty cool home right?

Are you sure we’re supposed to be this close to the fire? LITCHFIELD, NT

While we were in the Northern Territory there were lots of controlled fires. You could walk right up next to it and no one would care.

New state = New adventure. BORDER/ QUARANTINE, WA

We are going to spend most of our trip in WA so we were all really excited. The day before we were going into WA we brought 3 kilos of oranges, 1 kilo of apples and a whole heap of other fruit. Because we couldn’t take it into WA we gave a whole heap to some people that we met in Timber Creek and we also cut up heaps of fruit to eat in the car but we still had to chuck heaps out.

So far, our trip has been really fun (well besides all the long days of driving). I can’t wait to get back home. Sure, there are thing that aren’t perfect but we have to make do for the time being. Oh and I forgot to mention we made it through the Gibb River Road and on the way we stopped at some amazing places.

I will be writing some more posts throughout the trip (maybe) so make sure you read them. Remember, don’t focus on the past because you’ll miss the future. Goodbye and I hope you liked my post. 😊😊😊☹😊







2 thoughts on “Trip Report by Amyo: The start of our big caravan adventure”

  1. Enjoyed reading your personal report Amyo.
    It’s inspiring me to get travelling around our own special and different country. I look forward to more news..and I’m sure you will find WA different from the other states. You must explore Karajini, Monkey Mia and appreciate the extremes in the mining scene..where I worked for 6 years recently.

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