I am pleased to offer my fellow paddlers custom racks designed to fit your favourite kayak or ski.

Yak Rak is designed for paddlers who:

  • Have a long composite kayak or ski (especially doubles)
  • Have a short distance between their two cross bars (avoid the see-saw effect and long overhangs)
  • Like to drive without worrying about their kayak wobbling around or getting damaged in transit
  • Just want an awesome rack system

Each rack is custom designed and fabricated to:

  • Perfectly match the shape of your kayak
  • Evenly distribute the load
  • Protect your kayak from damage
  • Tie down with straps at the bulkheads where the kayak is strongest

Options include:

  • Powdercoating in a colour of your choice
  • Lower cradles on one side for easy loading / unloading
  • Securing systems to suit aero-style cross bars or round bars on cage-style roof racks
  • Different heights between the front and rear cradle to keep the kayak level if your cross bars are not the same height
  • Cradle positions to manage overhangs and boot openings
  • Lightweight and heavy duty versions available

I want one but it looks expensive……

A Yak Rak is not cheap – and may set you back about $1000 depending on what you want so if you have a $500 plastic kayak the Yak Rak is not for you.

If you want one and you are prepared to get your hands dirty – I will soon be making the standard design freely available in Onshape 3D modelling software (they have a free plan for non-professional designers). All you need to do is:

  • Measure up the shape of your kayak at the bulkheads (use cardboard as a template)
  • Measure up your roof racks and any other critical dimensions like boot openings
  • Modify my standard design in Onshape to suit your requirements
  • Prepare the cutting files and get 2 plates of Aluminium cut for the cradles
  • Buy the other pieces of aluminium (standard stuff)
  • Cut it up and weld it all together (or find a local aluminium fabricator)
  • Powdercoat it if you want.

Why would I give my design away for free? Just because I am a good bloke and I understand that if you don’t live in Melbourne it is not worth me shipping one to you. If you do use my design please send me a photo of the finished rack.

The Yak Rak story

Back in about 2010 my mate G-Man had a custom aluminium rack made up for his K1. It was a better than any off the shelf kayak carriers, but it had a few problems and was a bit flimsy. So when I got my first sea kayak in about 2012 I asked another mate if he could make me a custom rack for my Tahe Wind 585. Having designed and built his own aluminium sailing yacht I knew Catran was up for the job. My design brief: It had to be better than G-Man’s rack. Enter the Yak Rak Mk1.


What Catran made fit my kayak like a glove and held my boat securely at any speed in any conditions. Whenever I was down at my local beach car park or with other paddlers I was always getting inquiries about my rack. There was nothing else like it available. And because it was custom made to suit the kayak I sold it with my Tahe in 2014.

I decided to get back into paddling in 2018 and wanted another custom rack for my shiny new boat – but decided to take it to the next level. Unfortunately Catran had since left Melbourne to pursue a career designing superyachts in Europe so I had to get my hands dirty with some 3D CAD modelling and find a local aluminium craftsman to build the rack. After thousands of kilometres of testing and a few improvements I am pleased to offer you the Yak Rak Mk2 in 2019.

Full credit for the concept and design of the Yak Rak goes to Catran. I am just making it available to the paddling public in a slightly sexier format.

Get in touch on ozbretto@gmail.com or the Contact Form below to discuss your needs.

Disclaimer: Carrying large objects on the roof of your vehicle can be very dangerous. You must be familiar with the load rating of your vehicle and your roof bars as well as understanding and complying with all relevant road laws. You must secure all loads properly with suitably rated straps or ropes. Bretto accepts no liability for any damage, injury or death caused as a result by using a Yak Rak, a Yak Rak design or part thereof. Use at your own risk and stay safe.
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